When it comes to BMW models, the sound they make is a big part of what makes them desirable. To prove my point, one has to look no further than the current BMW M3 and M4 models. While the S55 engine under their hoods comes with plenty of performance for all tastes, it has been repeatedly bashed by the community for not ‘sounding like it should. Therefore, it may seem like no matter how good the performance, without a proper soundtrack, it may all be in vain.

Since BMW, like other manufacturers out there, has to deal with the tightening restrictions put in place by legislators all around the world to curb CO2 emissions, the Germans have to downsize their engines. Therefore, 2-liter turbo four-pot mills are taking over, replacing the otherwise popular 3-liter straight six mills we’ve all grown to love over the years. One obvious example is the 530i which used to be a popular choice for those wanting a straight six 5er.

These days the car is animated by a 2-liter four-pot making 252 HP and due to its architecture, the sound it makes isn’t exactly… satisfying. Although, I have to admit that when I first tested a 30i model (it was a 430i Gran Coupe) the sound it made reminded me more of a subdued straight six than a four pot.

Then there are aftermarket solutions to help you out, like the one showcased in the video below. The guys from Armytrix have a solution for the G30 530i and it definitely doesn’t sound half bad. The volume is just right as is the sound itself. It’s also a great solution for those looking for a system that can be muffled whenever the need arises, thanks to a simple phone app developed by the team over at Armytrix.