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Video: BMW 530i Drag Races Volkswagen Arteon in Unusual Standoff

Motor Trend's Long-Term BMW 530i Update

Motor Trend’s Long-Term BMW 530i Update

For the past few years, BMW enthusiasts have been wondering if the brand’s newfound goal to reach a broader spectrum of customers has robbed it of the driving dynamics it was once known for. It’s…

Motor Trend's BMW 530i Long-Term Update 2

Motor Trend’s BMW 530i Long-Term Update 2

While I’ve typically made fun of BMW buyers who buy the base-model 5 Series just for the badge, it’s actually hard to do so these days. The new BMW 530i, the base engine in America,…

VIDEO: TFLC reviews the 2017 BMW 530i

VIDEO: TFLC reviews the 2017 BMW 530i

BMW’s new 5 Series has been getting some mixed reviews as of late. Right out of the gate, it got rave reviews, especially from European journalists. While it might not be the most exciting looking…