VIDEO: POV BMW M760Li top-speed run — V12-powered rocket

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2017 BMW M760Li xDrive Palm Springs 106 750x500

It’s seriously hard to not love a V12-powered luxury sedan. The idea of a massively luxurious sedan with enough power to make a Ferrari turn-tail …

It’s seriously hard to not love a V12-powered luxury sedan. The idea of a massively luxurious sedan with enough power to make a Ferrari turn-tail is one that almost all car enthusiasts love. One such car is the BMW M760Li xDrive, which packs a 6.6 liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine. That monster of a motor makes 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, which is literally more than a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we take a POV look at what it’s like to unleash all 600 of those ponies on the Autobahn and push its top speed. According to BMW, the governed top speed is 154 mph. But there’s no question that it can obliterate that with ease. And it seems that the BMW M760Li in this video has its governor removed, as it goes a lot faster than 154 mph.

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive Palm Springs 127 750x500

When it launches off the line to merge into traffic, it accelerates far faster than any car its size has the right to. It’s remarkable, actually, how quick it gathers speed. The M760Li just surges along and never seems to really run out of steam, even as the speedo needle starts to reach the 300 km/h mark.

As the BMW M760Li passes 300 km/h, its acceleration starts to calm down but it’s still pulling at a rate that’s shocking for such a big heavy car.  Though, it does eventually reach the 320 km/h (198 mph) and it seems as if it could keep going, runway permitting. So there’s no question it could eclipse the 200 mph mark if it had the space. That’s unbelievable in a luxury sedan with two cushy thrones in the back seat, each sporting their own high-def screens and enough leather embarrass a German rave.

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive Palm Springs 107 750x500

It’s really hard to not love the BMW M760Li. It isn’t a perfect car, it isn’t the best looking car and it’s incredibly expensive. But there’s something undeniably charming about a car as luxurious as it that can hit 200 mph.

10 responses to “VIDEO: POV BMW M760Li top-speed run — V12-powered rocket”

  1. Donald Dong says:

    This 7 is brilliant in every aspect except the way they designate with a M badge, it’s similar to the S600 non AMG variant. For the S class, any variant with an AMG badge will have their engines worked by the AMG; therefore it’s easily identified based on per litre measurement on horses and pulling power. The V12 AMG badge has over 100 hp/litre and 120lb/ft per litre pulling power. As for the V8 AMG S63, they have 150 Hp/litre and 165lb/ft of twist per litre. BMW should just drop the M badge or reposition the M badge in smaller typeface because the engine is a standard V12 Turbo only, or if they choose to keep this arrangement, they should put out a Motorsport V8 and V12 in their lineup, and both designated as M7

    • viper says:

      amazing acceleration for such a big car. is this M760 in the leagues of S65 amg then ?

      • Donald Dong says:

        Yes… it is indeed in the same league but it can be even better if they release a V12 M engine and a V8 M engine to silence the competition once in for all. Wouldn’t that be brilliant that Bimmer will have 2 variants of M7, and if they release them, they will establish a new league for super saloon, it will be called “Untouchable”

        • Terry Cowan says:

          You miss the point of M240i, M550i, M760Li. There has NEVER been an M7, the M variants listed are ALTERNATIVES. M760Li is perfect in its role, 3rd decade of V12 7ers. Nothing to do with Mercedes or AMG. BMW M of any designation are BMW. AMG were bought by Mercedes to compete. You ignore Alpina. Which, unlike AMG, are still allowed to function independently.

          • John says:

            Why did you stop taking your medication?

          • disqus_erddcNOVZm says:

            You wouldn’t share. You shouldn’t be mixing them, though. Will worsen yr. tbi.

          • Donald Dong says:

            Well, I think I know that, that was never a M7, thats why they need to make 2, and M760Li is sufficient only in this role, instead of equaling the competition, why not surpassing it. As for Alpina, its 4.4 is roughly about the same as M5, they can easily up the power beyond 660 horses, and getting the twist up to 600lb/ft. Why limiting it, its not enough to break the drive shaft yet. As for the V12, the M engine 6.6 can easily take it beyond 700 horses, why not make it happen.

        • Dailybimmer says:

          Not it’s not. The S63 is faster by 0,2 second. M760iL Xdrive needs definetly a little upgrade. Let’s say a CP model with 20 more hp to catch up with S63 4matic+ in terms of acceleration.

          • Donald Dong says:

            I think you get the message, because there is a M Badge on it, but mainly suspension. and other aerodynamic front. BMW somehow limits Alpina also to get the best out of the 4.4 V8. If 4.4 V8 is Motorsport tuned, it needs to aim straight as the S63 and they will need to work on V12 M engine to respond directly at S65. BMW can do that but they are not doing it. Wouldn’t you like to see a M7 going crazy from 0-60 in 2 secs range, and go all the way to 200mph in no time. In actual world, do we need this type of car, the answer is no, but its the flagship of the company; therefore if Mercedes lets AMG to do it, BMW needs to up its game

          • disqus_erddcNOVZm says:

            Since you think M-B set the agenda, where is their i3? i8? Who had to buy AMG to compete with BMW M? Isn’t hardcore limo an oxymoron? Or just moron.

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