BMW is closing in on the released of the upcoming 1 Series Sedan, the car’s first switch to front-wheel drive. Along with the global release of the front-drive 1 Series, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class will be debuting as well, to compete with BMW’s newest small sedan. While not much is known about the A-Class just yet, Mercedes has recently revealed what its cabin will look like and it’s very impressive.

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Before seeing it, you might expect it to look impressive for a small, affordable car from a premium brand. After all, the current A-Class and CLA-Class are nice on the inside but are lacking in material quality and design. This new A-Class, though, has a cabin whose design would be impressive in a C-Class or even higher on the food chain. It’s quite stunning, actually.

Mercedes Benz A Class 1 830x553

Mercedes has been very smart with its interiors, these past few years. It started with the S-Class, debuting a cabin that shocked the world with luxury and technology that made Bentleys look boring. From there, Mercedes has sort of trickled the design and luxury down into cars like the E-Class and C-Class. So they all look far more premium than their prices would suggest. That same theme has carried over to the A-Class.

With similar turbine air vents, dual dashboard screens and enough ambient lighting to make a Vegas club blush, the new A-Class cabin looks as if it’s been plucked from an S-Class and then shrunk a bit. It really has a much more expensive design than you’d expect to come from Mercedes’ cheapest car.

Mercedes Benz A Class 4 830x553

Admittedly, Mercedes is bringing the A-Class a bit more upmarket than it’s previously been. So it makes sense to upgrade the interior luxury and tech. However, it’s still a car that’s being designed to compete with cars like the 1 Series and Audi A3.

We’ve seen the 1 Series Sedan’s interior and, while nice, it doesn’t stack up to this A-Class’ design. We can’t comment on material quality, so that may vary. However, as far as design goes, the A-Class will have the nicest premium small car cabin on the market.