The BMW 8 Series seems to be the talk of the town today and one of the most awaited cars in 2018. The revival of the 8 will bring a series of models, including an M Performance version. The highly anticipated M850i will come with a couple of features that will set it apart from ‘regular’ models in the range and a more powerful engine.

Recently an 8 Series prototype was spotted out on public roads and, even though the footage is extremely short, it gave us a chance to see it next to ‘normal’ cars for a change.

In the video below the car seems to be sitting quite low, especially when compared to the C-Class T-Modell driving in front of it. By the looks of things, the 8 Series will be just as low as the 6 Series it replaces but, at the same time, it may also be wider in the hips. Of course, this assumption can be wrong at the moment, as test vehicles are usually wearing fake plastic body panels that throw us off the scent. But even when taking that into account, the 8er in the shots below still seems wider than the norm.

Another interesting tidbit we noticed was the roof, which seems to have a tunnel down the middle to channel air, as we’ve been seeing on recent M models with the carbon fiber roof. At the same time, this doesn’t look like an M8 prototype and if that’s the case, it would confirm our sources’ claim that M Sport models will get carbon fiber roofs among other things.