Whenever someone mentions the Rolls-Royce name, discussion usually tends to migrate towards the pecuniary side of things. Most people might think that those who can afford a Rolls-Royce are interested in how much they spend on one but the truth be told, a car – even a Rolls – is most likely one of the cheapest things they own. According to the Goodwood-based company, their customers usually have entire collections of cars, yachts, private planes and collections of art. Therefore spending half a million dollars for a Rolls-Royce Dawn isn’t exactly a big thing.

However, a lot of people have a hard time dealing with such figures and understanding just how insignificant such a figure can be to someone who’s rich in the true sense of the word. It seems to be the case of the reviewer at hand here, who seems to think that the Rolls-Royce Dawn may not be worth the $400,000+ price tag it comes with. The thing is, he’s probably right but when it comes to the Spirit of Ecstasy, he’s definitely wrong. Let me explain.

Few cars are actually worth the price tags they come with. That’s also the case of many of the products we have today in our possession. Reach down you pocket and pull out your phone. It may cost $200 to make, but you paid $800 for it, right? That’s because of marketing and the costs that go into developing the device in the first place. It’s the same with the Dawn which, is not a car but rather a status symbol for those who can really afford it.

And what better way to go from your lovely beach house to you private plane at the LAX than in a beautiful Rolls-Royce Dawn? As the CEO of the company keeps saying, the double-R emblem is not about four wheels and a steering wheel but instead about a certain lifestyle, a lifestyle everyone aspires to. Now, leaving the money thing out of the way, the Dawn is by all means the best convertible in the world and it comes with a V12. But don’t take my word for it, Craig does a great job at showing you all the essential details.