The BMW M8 GTE was announced almost at the same time as the ‘regular’ M8 and entering racing competitions next year will imply a lot of work from the engineers, squeezed into a rather tight schedule. The GTE model will be quite different from the production model though, due to the regulations of the motorsports it will be involved in. For example, the M8 GTE can use an engine up to 4-liters in displacement and that’s quite tricky for the BMW team, since their top of the range S63 mill is a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8.

And while the displacement goes do, the engine needs to make a nominal base performance of over 500 HP, depending on classification. The focus of the development work is on achieving the greatest possible efficiency and maximum durability. Power transmission takes place using a sequential six-gear racing gearbox. The new BMW M8 GTE is a real lightweight too. Thanks to extensive use of ultra-light CFK components, the new GT racing car weighs in at just 1,220 kg (2,689 lbs), at a length of 4,980mm and a width of 2,046mm.

When it comes to aerodynamics, a new algorithm allows a significant increase in CFD calculations, thus making it possible to use greater computing power to clearly increase the number of possible simulations, before progressing to the wind tunnel. Insights gained from series production and perfect testing conditions in the BMW Group Aero Lab all helped to optimize the new BMW M8 GTE. The newly-designed aero wheels represent just one result of this new development.

Racing and production engineers closely worked together within the framework of the BMW M8 GTE project. The cylinder block and cylinder heads are taken from the production engine. The design of the BMW M8 GTE also reflects the close relationship to the BMW 8 Series and the BMW M8. This is particularly apparent in the same roof line and the design of the front and rear lights. However, while the two are related, even though we’ve seen how the M8 GTE will look like already, the road-going model will be quite different and the wait just seems unbearable right now.