BMW has had many, many incredible cars throughout its 100 year history. It’s a company that’s literally made automotive history and changed the landscape of the industry several times. However, it’s not that known for its pretty cars. But the future BMW M8 could very well change that and become one of the brand’s best looking cars of all time.

It’s not that BMW has never made pretty cars, because it has. The BMW 507 is bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful. The BMW M1 is a stunningly exciting design (even though it technically wasn’t designed by BMW). And the original 8 Series is getting prettier with age. But BMW is more known for its cool, functional styling more than pretty stuff. The BMW 3.0 CS is also a fine looking car.

However, what we’ve seen of this upcoming BMW M8, it could be a breathtaking car, the sort that defines a generation for the brand. The BMW 8 Series Concept that launched a little while back is possibly the prettiest concept from the brand in ages and BMW claims that the production car closely resembles it.

With that said, the upcoming BMW M8, with all of the M bits adorning it, could be the prettiest Bavarian product of all time, or at least right up there with the best of them. It will be long, lean, muscular and aggressive. It will also have all of the signature pretty-car styling cues.

The long hood, that seems to stretch forever, combined with a short rear deck and muscular haunches gives it the classic front-engine, rear-drive sports car look. It also sits quite low and wide, with sharp lines and flowing curves. While the production car might not look exactly like the concept, it’s hard not to get sucked into the gorgeous design of the latter.

Maybe it’s not BMW 507 or 3.0 CS-pretty but the upcoming BMW M8 could very well be considered one of the absolute best looking BMWs of all time.