Mention “BMW M8” to any car enthusiast and they’ll naturally get excited. Fans of BMW, and just cars in general, have always wanted the Bavarian brand to make a proper M8, a high-performance version of its stunning 8 Series Coupe. Back when the 8 Series was still in production, fans were practically begging BMW for a real-deal M8. While one was technically made, it never actually existed. Until now, that is.

Now that BMW has officially announced it’s making a proper M8, fans are quite excited, including us. So anytime spy photos surface, we get school-kid giddy. Which is the case with these new spy photos, showing off the BMW M8 seemingly closer to production than ever before. (We don’t own them but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we can see the BMW M8 wearing the same sort of wheels you’ll find on the new F90-gen BMW M5. We can also see the blue brake calipers that most M cars get, along with massive disks. The blue brake calipers indicate standard brakes and not carbon ceramics, which usually boast gold brake calipers.

What’s interesting is that it doesn’t have the same sort of M-style mirrors as the BMW M5 has, though that could just be because of pre-production. It does sport quad exhaust pipes, though, like a proper M car should.

In these photos, we can clearly see the passengers and they give contest to how long the M8 is. It’s quite a large vehicle, showing off its luxury and grand touring roots. That’s a good thing, though, as BMW hasn’t really had a proper sporty GT car since the original 8 Series. This will be something to compete with the Aston Martin DB11, just at a lower price point. How do you not love that?

So far, we love the look of the BMW M8. The long hood ahead of the driver really gives a GT style to it, while the rear deck has a built-in spoiler and the rear haunches swell around the rear wheels. It looks muscular and seductive, like a proper GT car should. We can’t wait to see what it looks like without the camo.

[Source: Auto Gespot]