The BMW M2 is, without a doubt, the most praised model in the line-up of the Bavarian manufacturer. That says a lot about the work the M division put into the making of this beauty, considering we also have cars like the M760Li in the current range and the M4 GTS. Of course, a number of factors need to be taken into account when praising the M2 but in the end, its the best bang for the buck you can get with the blue and white roundel on the hood. Chip in some aftermarket goodies and things will get even better.

The guys from BMW Abu Dhabi are known for their outlandish projects that sometimes go off the rails. At the same time, some models are just clean and perfectly enhanced and today we’re looking at one such car. The BMW M2 posted in the gallery below got just enough TLC to stand out in the crowd, courtesy of 3D Design.

The M2 came dressed in Long Beach Blue, probably the most eye catching color of the couple on offer for the smallest M car out there. On top of that beautiful shade the Abu Dhabi crew threw on a front splitter made of carbon fiber along with a set of canards made of the same material on the sides of the front bumper. On the sides you can notice the 3D Design side skirts while round the back the carbon fiber treatment continues with a rear diffuser and a wing on top of the boot.

Last but not least we need to mention the 3D Design exhaust system, something that has been offered by the Japanese tuner for a while but few people know about. Unfortunately we don’t get to hear it roar but since the M2 uses a modified version of the N55 mill we’re sure it plays its part right.