The Battle of the Twos —  BMW X2 vs Audi Q2. Both cars come from Bavarian, both are each brand’s most stylish small crossover, both are designed to be sporty and stylish and both cars have a “2” in their name. Quite similar then. The question is, which one is better looking.

In this segment, style is key. Customers who buy small, sporty crossovers are typically more concerned with style, tech and comfort, rather than driving dynamics. So just comparing how they both look is probably how customers are going to choose between these two cars. So let’s do that for them.

From the front, it’s clear that the BMW X2 is the more aggressive of the two. Its headlights are far angrier and its upside down Kidney Grilles are a bit more in your face. In M Sport trim, the massive front air intakes are also more aggressive than the Q2’s. While the Audi Q2 also makes an attempt at being sporty, it’s a bit too square to really look it. It’s angular and sharp but a bit too square-jawed to look sporty. The X2 is just far angrier looking, making it more exciting.

In profile, the BMW X2 is the prettier car of the two. Its roofline is smoother and sportier and the entire car looks lower and more aggressive. It’s also far more muscular looking. The Q2 is a bit too boxy and tall, making it look a bit bland. Also, the BMW X2 has C-pillar roundels. That sort of wins the argument. Why don’t all BMws have C-pillar roundels.

From the rear, there’s no contest. The Audi Q2’s rear end is its worst looking angle, as its tiny square taillights and there are almost no interesting or attractive body lines. The X2, on the other hand, is smooth, flowing and has pretty taillights. It’s a bit frumpy but far more interesting than the bland Q2.

Where the Audi Q2 starts to claw its way back is inside. The cabin of the Q2 is stylish and youthful, exactly what the customer in this segment wants. With body color trim, circular air vents and an entirely digital gauge cluster, the Q2 looks more modern and more exciting on the inside. The BMW X2 looks good inside as well but there’s almost nothing to differentiate it from the BMW X1. It seems more designed to be functional and practical, rather than stylish or interesting. Which is a shame because the exterior of the X2 is so radically changed from the X1. You’d think BMW would want it to have a special cabin.

All in all, the BMW X2 is the more exciting, more stylish and sportier looking car. The Audi Q2 isn’t bad looking and, in isolation, actually quite cool. Just when next to the BMW X2, the Q2 looks a bit bland. The Battle of the Twos has been won by the one with the X.