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G80 BMW M3 Render AutoBild 830x457

The current-gen BMW M3 is a good car, especially in Competition Package guise. It’s fast, fun to drive and easy to live with everyday. In …

The current-gen BMW M3 is a good car, especially in Competition Package guise. It’s fast, fun to drive and easy to live with everyday. In fact, it’s one of the best daily driving sports sedans on the market. It’s only problem is that much of the competition has caught up, and even surpassed it, in many areas. Cars like the Mercedes-AMG C63 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio have added some really tough competition for the M3. So the new upcoming G80-generation BMW M3 is going to need to be great.

While we have absolutely no idea what the G80 M3 will be like, as we don’t even know what the G20 3 Series will be just yet, it’s fun to speculate. And speculate is exactly what AutoBild recently did with this render of the upcoming M3 replacement.

This new render is based on spy photos of the upcoming G20 3 Series and then given M-style features and speculative details. Many of the details and M features have been pulled from other cars. For instance, those wheels look like futuristic versions of the Competition Package’s gorgeous “20s. and the carbon fiber Air Breathers look similar to those on the 5 Series. So it’s a bit of an amalgam of different BMW bits.

G80 BMW M3 Render AutoBild1 830x381

There’s a video to go along with the render and it gives some insight into what BMW might be planning for the upcoming M3. Again, it’s mostly speculative but based off of some rumors and snippets of what BMW execs have said about the future of the brand. For instance, it’s not likely that the M3 will come with the M Division xDrive, like the M5 does. The M3 will most likely be rear-drive only. AutoBild claims that a six-speed manual will still be offered. While we hope that’s true, we’ve recently heard that the current BMW M2 could be the very last manual M car ever. SO that will be interesting to see. Lastly, AB says it will again use a 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6 with 475 ps (468 hp) in the base model and 500 ps (493 hp) in the Competition Package model. That would put it in line with the current Mercedes-AMG C63.

All of this is very early speculation, of course. We haven’t even seen the standard G20 BMW 3 Series without camo, so there’s no way to knowing what the BMW M3 will look like. However, it’s fun to speculate so check out this render and let us know what you think.

[Source: AutoBild]

7 responses to “G80 BMW M3 Rendered by AutoBild”

  1. PK says:

    please please please let this car design be good!!!! “crossed fingers”

  2. Giom says:

    From spy pics, it is clear that the front end will look vastly different. I’m with you PK!

  3. Ferro says:

    The backside is horrendous

  4. Cheslyn Owen says:

    Wow,, Bring on the G20.. This car look amazing. A4 and C Class gonna look old next to this car.

  5. Dailybimmer says:

    It’s hard to predict the final design of M3 G80, since AB showed us many rendering with different design in the last few years. Anyhow this AB rendering of M3 G80 looks good.

  6. Forty2 says:

    That rear end is atrocious. The blobby-oval tail-lamp thing is generic and cheap. Where is the L?

    Otherwise looks good but M Sport need to step up to competition. Tired of people bashing my car when they’ve never driven one!

  7. Nazar82 says:

    I like the whole thing except for that little ugly ass line that connects the tail i hope that doesnt happen.

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