The guys from G-Power are mainly known for their outrageously powerful models, especially those based on the iconic S85 5-liter V10 engine engineered by the BMW Motorsport division. However, from time to time, they tend to give diesels some attention as well and their latest creation is based on the already famous M550d xDrive model, in G30 guise.

Launched a bit later than the rest of the range, the new M550d xDrive model keeps the legacy of the original model alive but with a new engine under the hood. Launched for the first time on the BMW 750d xDrive model, the B57S is one of only two quad-turbocharged production engines in the world right now. The 3-liter straight six diesel makes 400 PS and 760 Nm (560 lb-ft) in standard guise.

However, when BMW launched it, the German group claimed that they could’ve squeezed more out of the engine but the gearbox limited the higher torque range. Now G-Power seems to be saying otherwise by launching their own version of the M550d xDrive, their monster being tuned to make 460 PS and 860 Nm (634 lb-ft) of torque. Those are massive numbers and we’d be surprised if those going for such an aggressive tune wouldn’t end up having issues with their gearboxes after a while.

To get this performance-inducing upgrade, customers have to pay 2,318 Euros ($2,730) to G-Power and they should also know that it is achieved without changing anything on the engine. basically, it’s an ECU tune. However, the tuner says that the added HP and torque numbers won’t be available unless the car reaches the ideal running temperature. Furthermore, the power is cut if the system detects temperatures out of the ordinary. If you do decide to go for such a tune, you might also be interested in getting some aesthetic upgrades which are showcased in the pictures posted below.