BMW Super Bild Of The Day: S85 V10

Interesting | July 10th, 2012 by 8
S85 V10 750x500

The S8 V10 is derived from BMW’s Formula 1 program. Countless miles on circuits around the world all while compiling data allowed BMW to design and engineer this marvel of technology to power the E60 M5 and E63/64 M6.

The 5.0 liter S85 with its 507 horsepower and 385 ft/lbs of torque was designed to power a 4,200 lbs chassis mated to an automated 6 speed SMG gearbox and 6 speed manual (for U.S. customers) not the 2,70 lbs E30 M3. But that hasn’t stopped many enthusiasts the world over from shoe-horning the S85 into everything from the Z3 based M coupe to the E30 M3 you see in today’s Super Bild.

S85 V10 655x436

Weight divided by horsepower gives you how many pounds each available horsepower has to move, that translates to speed and power. It’s a formula that’s been around for decades, and most go fast tuners have figured out that transplanting a modern powerful engine into a smaller, lighter chassis equals insane gobs of grin inducing over steer and Michelin roasting burnouts. In the case of this E30 M3, that figure equals 5.33 lbs/horsepower. Compared to 13.64 when powered by the factory installed S14, it’s a substantial jump.

But dropping the largest available engine into any engine bay isn’t a weekend in a garage proposition. There is structural suring up that needs to be done, in order to cope with the added torque and stress the engine produces, electronic wizardry to make the engine run, and a whole list of beefing up from brakes to suspension to make sure its owner doesn’t wind up launching him or herself off the first cliff they can’t quite navigate because the stock brakes were inadequate.

Either way, I have to say, it does impress all that look under the hood of one of these Frankenstein’s monsters and see a modern V10, or better yet, to hear such a fire breather fire up and accelerate down the road at break neck speeds in one of the sleekest, lightest, and sexiest chassis BMW has ever produced.

Today’s Super Bild is affectionately called “Franken M3” and rightfully so, it’s quite the monster! You can hit the source link for pictures and video of Franken M3 in action.

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