BMW 6 Series GT Design explained by Hussein Al-Attar, BMW Exterior Designer

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Last week, BMWBLOG went to Portugal to test drive the all-new and first BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo. The new Gran Tourer is without a doubt the most controversial car in the BMW lineup, just as its predecessor 5 Series GT was. Still constrained by some tough segment requirements and proportions, the 6 Series GT has managed to evolve over the 5 GT and improve some of its design lines. From the front, it’s clear that this new 6 Series Gran Turismo share familial attributes with the 5 Series. Both the grilles and headlights are almost identical to the 5er, apart from being a bit bigger.

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Where this car differs mostly from the 5 Series GT it ultimately replaces is in its silhouette. From the side, the new 6 Series GT is far sportier and more aggressive, with its coupe-like styling and sweeping roofline. Out back, the taillights look similar to the new 5 Series, but slightly beefier, yet with the same beautiful graphics. It also has a pretty typical rump for a BMW Gran Turismo model, especially with the now-expected active rear spoiler.

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On the whole, this is not a car designed to be uber-stylish, but rather practical, comfortable and good to drive. BMW says that the 6 Series GT has a specific demographic, one that’s not interested in SUVs or a flashy 7 Series, yet craves the luxury and driving experience of a premium BMW.

The 6 Series GT is also a departure from Hussein Al-Attar’s previous design – BMW M2 Coupe – which received many accolades from the press and customers. Therefore, it was interesting to hear his design philosophy behind the 6 GT, as outlined in the video below.

34 responses to “BMW 6 Series GT Design explained by Hussein Al-Attar, BMW Exterior Designer”

  1. Imamul Hassan Mehedi says:

    1. Avoid Long Idling

    2. Clean Out the Trunk and Eliminate Unnecessary

    3. Keep Tires Inflated to the Correct Pressure

    4. Don’t Buy Premium Fuel

    5. Encourage Drivers to Observe Posted Speed

    6. Shop Around for Best Fuel Prices

    7. Make Drivers Energy Conscious

    8. Use A/C Sparingly

    9. Make Your Vehicle More Aerodynamic

    10. Encourage Carpooling

  2. John says:

    It is an insult to call this a 6 Series GT. BMW has completely missed the whole point about the 6 series.

    • Arunabh says:

      Thats why they are developing 8 series for us. :)

    • disqus_d4cEcykOJC says:

      I live downtown in a city of 7 million, I see 6 GC & Cabs., few people are buying Coupes. 8 is moving up market, 6 GT is perfect alternative for affluent boomers who don’t want a wagon or SUV. 4 GT sells, why not a larger version?

  3. Jonh Smith says:


  4. JRobUSC says:

    It’s much better looking than the 5GT but everything you need to know about this car came when he said “what we were permitted to do… what we intended to do…” 🙄 BMW should’ve just called it a Gran Coupe again. That’s 90% of the problem right there, the stigma behind the GT name.

    • Senne says:

      They should definitely not have called it GC, since it’s not a GC and the 6 GC is waaaaay more beautiful than the GT cars (although I think they definitely aren’t ugly by any means).

      No, what they should’ve done is simply called it 5 GT.

      • disqus_d4cEcykOJC says:

        This let’s the aging market still buy a 6, Coupes aren’t selling. 5 Touring, 6 GT, 8 GC, BMW have all bases covered.

  5. CarbonX3M says:

    It’s not bad, but certainly not worth the price. I’d rather just get a 340 GT for $25k less. Just about the same interior space, same drivetrain and Powertrain, and quicker. An M550 would make me reconsider, but not a B58 powered 640.

    • Edward says:

      This 6GT has a smoother & quieter ride. Cabin is more refined as well. 3GT for more sport. 6GT for more refinement.

      • CarbonX3M says:

        I had a 335GT (M-Sport with Adaptive M Suspension) for almost 3 years and never had an issue with the ride. I can’t imagine the 6GT being any smoother. The 3GT in Comfort was on par with my 750Li.

        Refinement okay, I can go with that as the 3’s interior has some cheap areas, but is it worth $25k?

        • disqus_d4cEcykOJC says:

          Isn’t the 6 GT for aging boomers who don’t want an SUV?

          • CarbonX3M says:

            Could say the same about the 3 GT. I went from an X5M to a 750Li into mine. I’m not considered a boomer (i’m 38), but I thought I didn’t want an SUV. Now I realize though, since everybody else has one, you really can’t see unless you have one too. Plus, BMW has done a great job with their SUVs. They handle nearly as well as their cars and are pretty dang quick.

    • Alexander S says:

      3 GT looks ugly as hell. GC is much better. Plus 6GT is much bigger.

      • CarbonX3M says:

        Look at them side by side, they’re virtually twins. Much bigger? 6 is about 10 inches total length longer, 2.5″ wider, 1.4″ taller and 400lbs heavier. Thats not much bigger. The place that matters for GT buyers, and the main reason we buy them, is in the backseat, and the difference is a measly inch in rear leg room. The only meaningful size difference is in the cargo area where the 6GT is 6.5 cu ft larger.

  6. Giom says:

    I really don’t get the fuss around this car. There certainly isn’t anything ‘ugly’ about it – in fact, it is quite pretty (for what it is). The thing most people don’t understand about the concept, is that form still follows function. This is a practical car, not a beauty queen. You want beauty, you buy a 6 series GC and sacrifice space. Obviously, the market for this car want space and practicality. We don’t all want the same thing…

    • Distiller says:

      BMW interpretation of the old Renault 30 and 25. Or is it just a lowered X6?? :-)

    • Central Lifestyle says:

      Well said. But that being said, the bench marker in the executive GT sedan segment was the Panamera, and with Merc coming soon with that AMG 4doorGT and Audi with their A7, so the Bimmer 6GT had to look really sleek and awesome. It’s a massive improvement from 5GT. The front looks great, side profile too, but the rear still looks a little bigger than it should and out of proportion. They can’t do anything about it now but new generation would definitely get better. Bimmer always get it right. Also, the designer for this 6GT did an awesome job. He seems very talented.

      • Giom says:

        The above mentioned cars are not in the same category. The GT is unique to BMW. The BMW competitor with those cars is the 6 Series Gran Coupé.

        • Central Lifestyle says:

          That’s not really correct mate. The cars I mentioned are indeed in the same category as the BMW 6 series GT. The Porsche Panamera, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG 4door GT, the Audi A7 etc are all premium executive Grand Tourer (GT) sedans, which is the same segment the 6er GT is in. The others may not be called or have “GT” in their car names but that is the segment they are all in. Some even throw Tesla Model S in that segment. You may compare the 6GC to the Mercedes CLS and it would be a fair compare. By the way, and you probably know this, there will no longer be a 6 series Grand Coupe.

          • Giom says:

            Four doors based on Coupés, 6 GT is purpose build on its own. (Of course it’s based on 5 series with 7 series components, but it’s not 4 door version of 6 series coupé.) The 6 GT is in every way a unique niche car.

          • Central Lifestyle says:

            It’s not correct to say the others are simply 4 doors based on coupes and therefore have no similarities or belong in the same segment. The A7 is based on the A6 with a few borrowed elements from the A8. Last I checked, neither A6 or A8 are coupes. The Panamera isn’t based on a coupe either. It’s a through and through performance GT sedan. Same goes for the Tesla Model S. The upcoming Merc-AMG 4door GT will be built on a seriously modified E-Class platform which is also shared by the CLS. Yes, Bimmer will use elements from the 7 series for a comfort ride, and elements from the 5 series for a sporty attitude, combined to create the 6er GT and that’s exactly what makes it a car in the same segment as the other cars mentioned above. GT cars are built for comfort, long distance, athletic sporty ride in one package. And the Audi A7, Porsche Panamera, Merc-AMG 4door GT are all in that same category/segment with the 6 Series GT. You can throw the Tesla Model S in there too. By the way, Bimmer may not call the 6GT a coupe but it has the coupe swoop (fastback) design on it too.

          • Giom says:

            I don’t agree. The above mentioned cars are all focused on style and beauty – practicality – almost non existent. The 6 GT – almost all practicality. Style and beauty takes a back row to function. Therefor, not the same category. the guy in the market for a Panamera or 6 Series GC, isn’t looking at a 6 GT. The others are GT cars – no doubt, but the emphasis is different and so too the market.

          • Central Lifestyle says:

            You are entitled to your opinion and I would allow you that. Although AUTOCAR, a renowned and well know car review company, actually agree with my take. Kindly read their review of the 6er GT and scroll down to the part that lists the rivals of 6er GT. here is the link:

            I think we can both agree it is a fantastic car, for what it is. They could have done a little better with the rear, imo, like sloping the rear roofline a little more into the boot.

          • Giom says:

            Good read, but I’d still not consider it a competitor to the above mentioned cars just because Autocar says so. They have been testing some weird combos in the past – one of their quirks, I suppose. Anyways, I agree with you that it’s a great car – can’t wait to see them on the roads!

  7. Dailybimmer says:

    Car looks like a somewhat Bmw product. A little bit 5er from the front, touring/SAV/Active Tourer cues from the back. I like the car.

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