It’s very hard for non-car enthusiasts (normal people, with normal lives) to understand why us car enthusiasts love certain cars. The BMW Z3 M Coupe is one of those cars. Its looks and obscure nature cause normal people to find it absurd and unworthy of a second glance. Yet, BMW enthusiasts love it, despite its funky looks, more specifically this owner, Brent loves his Z3 M Coupe.

In this recent episode of /Drive’s “Wheel Love”, we get to check out Brent’s BMW Z3 M Coupe, a car that he loves and drives on a regular basis, despite having other, far more exciting cars. For instance, in his garage a McLaren 12C can be seen next to the lift that holds his Z3 M. So even while being able to drive a genuine mid-engine supercar, one of the world’s best, he continues to also drive the Z3 M Coupe. That’s a huge testament to the way it drives.

His specific car is quite modified, with what he says are essentially every bolt-on a naturally-aspirated engine can have. It certainly sounds quite loud and no stock. But it seems to have the same sort of driving dynamics and quirks the standard car had. This is a good thing, as the Z3 M Coupe has long been considered one of the best driving BMWs of its era. Its dynamics are precisely why enthusiasts love it so much.

While driving it, Brent is about to say which BMW he’s into at the moment but seems to lose his train of thought while taking a corner in the Z3 M. He then laughs and the video ends, basically claiming that no modern BMW is more interesting to him than his current car. It’s hard to blame him. Normal people won’t get it. But we do.