BMW Z3 M Coupe

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VIDEO: Magnus Walker Drives the BMW Z3 M Coupe

The BMW Z3 M Coupe is a car that’s typically only loved by BMW enthusiasts. Outside of a group of Roundel-loving car nuts, few people even know what the Z3 M Coupe even is. In…

VIDEO: How to Fix BMW Z3 M Coupe Chassis Issues

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Low-Mileage BMW Z3 M Coupe Sells for Big Money

I blame the E30 BMW M3. Ever since that one E30 M3 sold for more money than the average American home, prices of classic BMWs have begun skyrocketing. So now if you want a cool…

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VIDEO: Go For a Ride in this EAG BMW Z3 M Coupe

One of the most beloved classic BMWs is also one of the ugliest, ironically. The BMW Z3 M Coupe is about as traditionally handsome as Jabba the Hutt. Having said that, what lies beneath that…

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Which BMW Designs Have Gotten Better With Age?

BMW design is in an interesting place at the moment. Its cars are getting bigger, more bloated and its design language is straying further and further from tradition. It’s not just the new mahoosive grilles…