VIDEO: F10-gen BMW M5 with 800 hp and Akrapovic exhaust

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There hasn’t been universally loved BMW M5 since the E39-generation. The E60-gen had a great engine but was ugly and the F10-generation looked good and …

There hasn’t been universally loved BMW M5 since the E39-generation. The E60-gen had a great engine but was ugly and the F10-generation looked good and was brutally fast but lost some of the M5’s typical connectivity and emotion. Thankfully, there are enthusiasts and tuning companies ready to try and inject some of that emotion and excitement into the F10 BMW M5. Bimmer Tuning recently gave an F10 M5 some performance, visual and audible goodies to make it more exciting and dramatic.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get a good look at this tuned F10 BMW M5. We get a look at its exterior, get to hear its exhaust and see how it drives.

Under the hood, rather than the standard car’s 560 hp, this tuned F10 BMW M5 makes a whopping 800 hp from its 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8. That’s a monstrous amount of power to go to the rear wheels. BMW recently switched the new M5 to all-wheel drive so it could properly handle 600 hp. Imagine 800 hp to the rear-wheels?

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To make sure all of that fury is heard as much as it’s felt, this F10 BMW M5 is fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust system. It sounds violent and angry and very good. It just goes to show that BMW’s twin-turbo V8 can sound good with the right exhaust. It also shows how good Akrapovic is.

Off the line, the tuned M5 likes to shred its tires. Although, with careful throttle modulation, it can launch pretty well, without turning its tires into vapor. When it does, it’s seriously fast, thanks to all of that monstrous power. On the Autobahn, it just storms down the road, like a big German missile.

While the F10-gen BMW M5 isn’t the most fun or exciting car in the history of BMW, some interesting mods can make it a very fun car to own and one that’s even faster than it already is. You may not need 800 hp to get that sort of excitement, but a good exhaust, new wheels and some upgraded suspension can go a long way to making your F10 M5 a great car.

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3 responses to “VIDEO: F10-gen BMW M5 with 800 hp and Akrapovic exhaust”

  1. Marcus Canada says:

    Really? Seems like the people privileged enough to own the F10 M5, just love them. Simply take 5 minutes to scan the two major F10 M5 forums and it is quite apparent that there is universal love among owners. Its just journalists and jealous non-owners who hate.

  2. gary curts says:

    Hey, I tend to agree with Marcus. I own a F10 M5, and LOVE it!!!!!!!!! It is brutally fast and such a joy to drive at any level or speed!! I also had it Dyno’d (SuperFlow WinDyn V3.2) in Akron at Steady Speed and Service. It’s a little over 600HP to the rear wheels and 575 lb-ft of torque on the rear wheels. Do the math (perhaps 15% loss from crank) and it’s over 700 on both entities…. and I notice the difference big time!!!! Love this car!!!!!!

  3. gary curts says:

    Sorry, I got too excited!!! The torque on the aforementioned M5 is about 675 lb-ft at the crank!!!! Also the not as accurate Dynojet calibration puts the crank HP at 739 and rear wheel to 628 plus the torque to a little over 700 lb-ft at the crank

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