When dealing with tuned cars, it’s hard to place a bet on a 1/4 mile drag race. Sure, the figures might say one thing but the truth of the matter is, it depends a lot on who made the measurements, who’s driving and last but not least the power to weight ratio. That said, when I first saw the title of the video published below, I didn’t know what to think. To be honest, I thought it could be anyone’s game, even though the BMW M4 seemed like a favorite.

As you can probably already tell, the cars we’re dealing with here are nowhere near what you would call ‘normal’ or ‘standard’ and they have been heavily tuned by various vendors. The guys from DragTimes Info have been rather quiet lately but they seem to be making a comeback, starting with this impressive display of power. The cars lining up in the footage below are a 750 HP BMW M4, a 800 HP BMW M6 and 850 HP BMW X6 M.

The biggest power increase here is definitely the one achieved for the BMW M4. Unfortunately we don’t have a spec list but if the 3-liter engine was kept, the amount of work that must’ve gone into pushing the performance envelope so far must be astounding. The guys from KK-Performance seem to have been the ones who developed it and according to the video, this is a Stage 3 upgrade which might imply usage of race fuel.

On the other hand, the BMW X6 M is known for reaching incredible levels of power. The E71 showcased here also seems to wear a Hamann kit and the guys from K8 Strasse claim the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 now develops 850 HP. Of course, when racing against the M4 one would expect the X6 to fall behind if not because of the added weight at least because it comes with a slower 6-speed automatic gearbox. On the other hand, the 800 HP M6 should prove to be a different story, right? Well, I wonder if 100 HP are enough to offset the weight penalty. Only one way to find out.