Lately, we’ve gotten used to seeing BMWs winning all sorts of drag races against proper supercars, even though the specs on paper seemed to point in the opposite direction. In truth, all the mind-bending results we’ve seen so far have a proper, logical explanation behind them. But what will happen when a tuned BMW M6 takes on McLaren’s first sports car launched after the iconic McLaren F1?

The shootout we’re about to see involves a tuned BMW M6 taking on a tuned McLaren MP4-12C. The latter is the first supercar the Brits launched after the iconic McLaren F1 and it is considered by many as the precursor of all the great cars they have been launching ever since, including the P1, 675LT, 650S and so on. Taking a look at its specs actually reveals why that’s the case. Under the sheet metal of the MP4-12C hid a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 making 600 HP in the original application.

If that 3.8-liter V8 sounds familiar, it’s because it went on to be used on a variety of cars launched after the MP4. As a matter of fact, all cars launched after the MP4-12C by McLaren used this engine in a configuration or another, including the P1 hypercar or the 570S Coupe. Therefore, the BMW M6 does have its work cut out when going up against the McLaren on the track. Furthermore, according to the video description, the supercar was also slightly tuned, getting an XPRD ECU tune and a full Vorsteiner carbon exterior package.

The BMW M6 hits back with its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 which used to make 560 HP in its stock application. Stock for stock the BMW M6 would be falling behind already, having less power and considerably more weight to carry around. That’s because the MP4-12C is made using extensive amounts of carbon fiber, keeping the weight down to 1,434 kg (3,161 lbs) which is around half a ton less than what the Bimmer has to carry around. Even with the ECU tune, downpipes and new air filter, there’s just no way the M6 can keep up. Shed some of that weight and things might come around but in the meantime, let’s see what happens when these two go at it on the track.