By now it’s no longer a secret that the upcoming BMW Z4 will be available with a M Performance model in the line-up, the highly-anticipated M40i version. However, we’re not exactly sure of the specs of the new car as there are a couple of rumors going around that the B58 mill found on other M Performance models today might get an upgrade in the near future. The car in the footage below is definitely animated by a straight six mill.

The new BMW Z4 will enter production next year and it will most likely be doing so using the current engines BMW has to offer. That means the B58 mill powering the M40i will be making the same 340 HP and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque you are currently getting on the M240i. Considering the fact that the new roadster should shave some valuable kilos before entering production, it should turn out to be quite enthralling. Judging by the video below, it should also be featuring quite a menacing sound coming out from under the hood.

Earlier this month, in a different video, we saw the upcoming Z4 taking on some of the more unforgiving corners on the Nurburgring in a completely drama-free manner, making us wonder what kind of wizardry has BMW infused into its chassis. Some of the credit could go to Toyota as well, as this is a common platform between the two companies, which will also be shared with the upcoming Supra from the Japanese manufacturer.

One thing that still remains a mystery is just how much of the design shown on the Z4 Concept will actually make it into production. BMW did surprise us in the past with some cars, most notably the BMW i8 which entered production looking extremely similar to the concept the Germans showed before launching the finished product. If we’re to believe the BMW officials we’ve been talking to, we’ll see a BMW Z4 Roadster using quite a lot of the features found on the Concept and that’s music to our ears.