Not even 24 hours passed since BMW officially took the veils off the new Z4 Concept and we already have a rendering of what it would look like in Coupe guise. The BMW Z4 Concept Coupe rendering comes from X-Tomi Design and it is simply stunning to look at. Sure, he had a good basis to start with but the new roadster is an absolute beauty, no matter how you look at it. This could very well be a close take on what the upcoming Toyota Supra could look like and fans definitely have plenty of reasons to rejoice.

Looking at it, one couldn’t help but wonder why BMW didn’t invest a bit more so that the Z4 could be turned into a Mercedes-AMG GT rival. Given a hardtop that would turn it into a Coupe together with a 4-liter V8 or a more powerful straight six 3-liter engine, this thing could definitely take on the AMG GT. And I’m not talking only about the way it looks but also about the elastokinematics hiding underneath.

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However, all is not lost. Since the new Z4 will surely get the B58 engine of the 540i once it comes out, being sold as the M40i version of the Roadster, there’s surely enough room in the engine bay to fit an M-developed mill in there. With the upcoming S58 engine that is rumored to have 450 HP and some weight loss, the Z4 even in Roadster guise and not as a Coupe, could turn out to be quite the driver’s car.

The Z4 is bound to enter production next year so there’s still time for BMW to develop a high-performance version that could rise to the title of supercar, something fans of the brand have been waiting for since the original M1 came out. I for one would definitely prefer it as a Coupe but I wouldn’t scoff at a Roadster either.