At the moment, the people of Houston, Texas are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It’s an absolute tragedy, what’s happened in Houston and the people who live there are devastated. Here in south New Jersey, there are still areas that are in shambles from Hurricane Sandy, which happened years ago and wasn’t as devastating as Harvey as been. So I can only imagine what the people of Houston are going through. One Houston-native BMW enthusiast has been documenting the flooding at his house on his YouTube channel, showing how he managed to save his BMWs from the flood.

Cody Crochet owns two E36 BMW M3s and an E53 BMW X5. To keep his cars safe from the floods, he put his one track E36 M3 on a trailer, his other one was on jack stands in his garage and his lifted X5 was put on his lawn, the highest point he could find. Initially, he thought this would work. Until the flood really started. The white M3 on the trailer was fine, thanks to it being a few feet off the ground and his X5 was okay as well, thanks to being lifted and on big wheels and tires. However, his red M3, in the garage on jack stands, was getting dangerously close to being flooded with no signs of the rain stopping.

So Crochet had to think fast and work even faster to get his red M3 even higher off the ground. But how? Well, some quick thinking had him jack the car up even further and place garden bricks underneath the jack stands, raising them up even further. While this isn’t the safest idea, nor the most stable way to jack up a car, Crochet wasn’t really left with any other choice. So that’s what he did.

In about a foot of water, he put the jack underwater and jacked the car up on bricks. This must have taken awhile and had to be done soaking wet, while standing in water, during a Hurricane. Not easy stuff but he managed to get it done and it saved his car.

It might seem trivial to try so hard and save a car when your house is basically being destroyed. He claims he got about eight inches of water in his house, which is enough to do irreparable damage. All drywall has to be replaced, electrical work needs to be redone, mold needs to be removed and his hardwood floors will need to be replaced. And that’s if the foundation hasn’t shifted or been destroyed. So that much water can absolutely ruin someone’s house, making the saving of cars seem trivial. Except, that’s all you have left after a Hurricane like this. People in NJ and NY are still without homes after Sandy, years later, and they were left with nothing. So the fact that he saved his cars is actually a huge deal. Hopefully Crochet, as well as the rest of the people in Houston, can make it out of this okay.