As a former E36 3 Series owner, it always warms my tiny little heart when I see E36s doing cool things. I especially like rally E36s. Not because mine was, even though it kind of looked like it’d been through a rally by the time I sold it, but because they’re just really cool. Ya know what’s even cooler than a rally E36? A rally E36 that rolls over mid-race and keeps going.

Everyone loves a great racing crash, so long as no one gets hurt, that’s why NASCAR is popular. So when this 3er comes into a corner a bit too hot, slides off the dirt road and flips over onto its roof, the crowd cheers. They’re not cheering the driver getting hurt but the spectacle of it all.

The crowd then rushes to help flip the E36 back onto its wheels, with the help of a bunch of people and some tow-rope. Once back on its wheels, we can see that the rear window is sort of squashed flat. Yet, despite that, it fires off down the road and continues to race, accompanied by a crowd of cheers.

It just warms my heart to see an E36 kick some ass in a rally. It also shows off how tough it can be. Admittedly, this car had a roll cage that prevented it from being a pancake after that flip but don’t ruin my happiness with things like facts and logic. An E36 still flipped on its roof, was rolled back over and continued rally racing.

Moral of the story is that E36s are cool and rallying them is even cooler. Now I’m gonna go search craiglist for an E36 beater I can rally and then sadly not get one because I have to be a functioning adult. Dammit, adulthood.