When we first saw the BMW 8 Series Concept, we were incredibly excited. BMW had finally brought the 8 Series back and it looked fantastic. Then, the Bavarians teased a BMW M8 in near production-ready form and we were ecstatic. The original 8 Series never received a true M8 variant. Instead, a Frankenstein V12 version was made but never saw the light of day. Since then, fans of BMW have been begging the Bavarians for such a car. Now, it’s finally coming and we can’t be more excited about it. Though, there’s a certain fear that it won’t be as good or look as good as our high expectations might lead us to expect. Hopefully, this new render from Cars.co.za will point to what the production BMW M8 will look like because that would make us all very happy.

Admittedly, we’ve seen enough of the Concept and spy photos to know that the BMW M8 will look good. Just from its silhouette, shapes and overall design, we can tell that this will be one of BMW’s best looking cars in a very long time. So we’re confident that it will be pretty. But this render looks very good and shows just how exciting the new M8 can be.

Now, the render is based mostly on the 8 Series Concept, which is partially why it looks so good. But that means that the production car will be far less extravagant than this render. The massive side fender vents, extremely creased hood and huge Kidney Grilles will probably be tamed down for production-spec. However, the overall design and shape look fantastic.

The silhouette of this render is gorgeous. It’s long, sleek and stunning and has all the right design cues. The sexy roofline, Hofmesiter kink, decklid spoiler and angry headlights all make this render look great. We can’t wait to see what BMW has in store for the M8.

[Source: Cars.co.za]