What was your last car buying experience? Did you drive up to your local dealer, check out what they had on the lot and listen to a sales pitch about tier-1 lease deals? If that’s the case, you aren’t a Rolls Royce customer. See, buying a Rolls Royce is unlike anything else, even buying the highest-end BMWs. In fact, the buying process of a Rolls Royce makes normal car buying seem crude. In this video, we’re taken through some of the steps that Rolls customers go through to buy their car, the customization and the attention to detail. It’s fantastic and it’s a world I want to live in.

First, customers are brought into what Rolls Royce calls its Commissioning Suite. There, they are allowed to create their Rolls, down to the most minute of details. The first part of this customization is the color. Rolls Royce apparently, has 40,000 different color shades to choose from, which is almost hard to believe. Still, if customers can’t find something they don’t like, they can always give Rolls a custom color and it can be made. When choosing the color, customers can take two different halves of the Rolls Royce “Speedform” in different colors and match them together to see how they will look. Then, there’s a special lamp that can mimic the sunlight based on where you live, so you can see how your color choice looks in sunlight.

After that, you can choose leather from almost any animal you can imagine, any color of stitching and any sort of embroidery. So the combinations and choices are seemingly endless. Rolls Royces are like snowflakes in the sense that it’s almost impossible for any two to be alike. Customers can customize their entire car, all the way down to the umbrella. Seriously, you can choose the color, trim and stitching of the umbrella. It’s remarkable.

This is truly how the one percent buys cars. There’s no haggling, dealer lots or waiting for salespeople to “speak to the manager”. Rolls Royce does what the customer wants. I might have to take the Nigerian Prince that keeps emailing me up on his offer. He says all he needs is my social security number…