The Nurburgring has definitely become a sort of Mecca for enthusiasts. It’s not a coincidence that all German manufacturers with racing genes in their DNA test their cars on the Green Hell, including US and Japanese automakers.  It’s one of the most challenging race tracks out there and for good reason. That also means that the rules applied to those who dare drive on it are a lot stricter than in other places, including in regards to drifting.

While a lot people would love to go on the Ring during one of the famous Touristenfahrten days and just tear up their rear tires on it, the rules technically forbid this kind of behavior. Why? It’s pretty simple actually, because not everyone knows to drive as well as they think they do. Furthermore, by drifting, you’re occupying a considerably larger portion of the track, blocking the other participants in the process, people who would probably prefer to try and get a fast lap time instead of watching you strut your rear end on the track.

The guy in the BMW M240i didn’t really care about the rules or the people driving next to him, apparently. He decided to take his BMW to the Ring and drift through as many corners as possible, during what seems to be a Touristenfahrten day. His endeavor probably led to a ban and that’s the way things should be as this kind of reckless behavior shouldn’t be encouraged. 

Leaving sanctions aside, he does show good skills behind the wheel, keeping his car in check through all corners, despite spinning the rear wheels. Furthermore, the car seems to have been slightly modified. What we can spot inside is an M Performance steering wheel as well as an Awron gauge which could be a hint at an upgraded ECU for which the gauge was necessary, in order to keep an eye out for various engine parameters. On the outside some M Performance parts are noticeable like the spoiler on the boot lid and front kidney grilles. The biggest upgrade is a limited-slip differential though that actually allowed him to keep his composure through the corners so easily while the stock exhaust was also changed with a meatier and louder one.