Now that the F90 is here, take a look back at the history of the BMW M5

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The newly released F90-generation BMW M5 is just the most recent in a long line of great cars. The M5 is one of the most …

The newly released F90-generation BMW M5 is just the most recent in a long line of great cars. The M5 is one of the most storied nameplates in the automotive world. So replacing a generation is always a big deal for BMW. We won’t know if the F90 is worthy of the famous name until we drive it. But until then, we can look back on the car’s history and see how the F90 fits in.

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First of its name (sorry, too much Game of Thrones lately) is the E28 M5. The E28 M5 is, in my personal opinion, one of the best cars BMW’s ever made. It had the perfect ’80s German car looks, a screaming 3.5 liter I6 and a top speed of 153 mph. In the late ’80s, that sort of speed was unheard of in a sedan. It was a masterpiece of a car.

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Next up was the E34-gen M5. It wasn’t as good looking as the E38, wasn’t as enjoyable to drive and more electronically complicated. But it was still damn good and was still an M5. Also, it was featured in a great car chase in the movie Ronin.

After the E34 was the legendary E39-gen BMW M5. With a 4.9 liter V8, a six-speed manual and probably the best looks of the M5 bunch, the E39 was, and still is, an absolute legend. It’s considered to be the best M5 ever made and many enthusiasts consider it to be the best sport sedan ever made.

While the E60-generation M5 took a step up in power and performance, it took a step down in a few other ways. The E60 had a howling, naturally-aspirated V10 engine and made one of the best exhaust noises to ever come from a BMW. Yet, it was overly complicated and sort of ugly. Still, a V10 with a six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive? Where do we sign up?

Monte Carlo Blue BMW F10 M5 - Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels

More recently was the F10-generation M5. If you thought the E60 was too complicated, too electronic, than the F10 must have seemed like a space shuttle to you. It had enough tech and electronics to shame the Death Star. It was also the first ever M5 to sporty turbochargers. Two of them. Though, it was the most powerful and fastest M5 of all time.

Now, we have the F90-gen M5. It’s the first ever M5 to sport all-wheel drive and is the fastest accelerating BMW of all time because of it. So it seems that, despite the many changes, advancements and firsts, the F90 isn’t really an outlier. BMW has always pushed the envelope of tech and performance in the M5, since the very beginning. So even though this new M5 is groundbreaking, and some would say heretical, it’s just continuing the long legacy of one of the best nameplates in automotive history.

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11 responses to “Now that the F90 is here, take a look back at the history of the BMW M5”

  1. BIMMERFAN says:

    F90 and F10, look similar, i don’t feel difference of generation like it was on classic bimmers like E28 E34 E39..
    Copy-paste design ((

    • Terry Cowan says:

      Awd., more hp., you’ll see the difference when you drive it.

      • BIMMERFAN says:

        Yes, it will be faster, etc. … but there must be a sense of a new design generation I see only facelifting, nothing more. Even previous and today Mercedes E class generation, are markedly different, and here i see old design and outwardly, it does not attract me like buyer

        • Terry Cowan says:

          Mercedes look alike across the range, regardless if it’s a new generation. BMW are doing record volume with evolutionary design, Z4 & 8er Concepts show change is coming, interiors, also. i3 & i8 clean sheet designs – public resistant to change.

          • BIMMERFAN says:

            Mercedes sedans are more different from past generations than the current BMWs, why try to deny it, compare it enough. Secondly, the E63s are much steeper than the M5, even technically. The motor at the M5 is 4.4 which stands in the BMW M550i, in its essence the M5 it`s the modified M550i, with the same torques. If you look at the E63s AMG torque, it`s noticeably higher than on the current M5 F90. And if at E63s you can make engine tuning (allows this), then at M5 F90, you can`t.
            And M5 price policy it`s too high compared to the same M550i, which you can tuned and it will even be faster than the M5! Even with tuning M550i, will be cheaper than M5
            Today M, means not sport, it means – MARKETING
            The last M5 was in E60 body
            And wate Audi RS6 answer, which will be easly destroy this M5

          • Terry Cowan says:

            So how do you explain BMW’s record sales & margins?

          • BIMMERFAN says:

            Will buy only dedicated M fans
            But those who are looking for the best version of a super-sedan charges , will stop their choice on RS6 or E63s

          • Terry Cowan says:

            Change your name.

          • Hahn says:

            Free fall in US? Lets not be blind…top sellers are SUVs only…

          • Terry Cowan says:

            BMW are largest American exporters because of their SUVs. Outsold Mercedes most of this century in the U.S., still record global sales & margins – what free fall?

    • Hahn says:

      OMG it is the same…somebody in BMW design dept shouldn’t get salary (or be transferred to Audi)…

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