There’s currently a lot of excitement for the upcoming F90-generation BMW M5. It’s going to be the first M5 to ever feature all-wheel drive, it will have semi-autonomous driver aids and enough horsepower to make a Saturn V rocket blush. So, naturally, fans are excited. However, what excites fans even more is a car that’s almost 20 years old now — the famous E39 BMW M5. Unfortunately, a lot of owners modify E39 M5s too much and ruin their natural perfection. But some owners do just a couple of simple modifications to magnify the E39 BMW M5’s natural beauty. Such a car was just recently featured on The Smoking Tire.

This really clean E39 BMW M5 features just a few simple modifications. Under the hood lies a new intake and some Dinan software, just to add a few horses and make that glorious 5.0 liter V8 a bit sharper. While we don’t know how much horsepower this specific M5 makes, the original made around 400 hp, so expect this to have a couple more ponies. This specific E39 BMW M5 also has an Eisenmann exhaust and KW V2 coilover suspension. Eisenmann exhausts are some of the best for BMWs and, from personal experience, KW makes some of the best coilovers in the world.

So this car looks pretty stock, isn’t too low and seems to drive like a slightly enhanced stock E39 M5. The KW coilovers reduce some body roll and add some road feel but they don’t make it overly stiff and they don’t ruin the ride quality. In fact, you actually see the car take some big bumps quite well in this video. The Eisenmann exhaust sounds raucous and loud from the outside but subdued on the inside. It’s really a superb exhaust system. One small mod Matt Farah seems to really like about this car is this owner’s short shift kit.

The E39 BMW M5 is still one of the very best M cars ever made and could still make a case for itself as the best sport sedan ever made. It’s still a great looking car, it’s still fast enough to be fun and it’s so well balanced. It’s also has the perfect recipe: naturally-aspirated V8, six-speed manual and four doors. What more could you possible want?