We’ve seen quite a few spy photos of the upcoming G20-generation of 3 Series in recent weeks. The next-gen 3 Series will be an important one for BMW, so we’re all watching it quite closely. The current F30-gen 3er is probably the least-loved 3 Series ever. So fans are hoping the Bavarians redeem themselves with this new one. Fortunately, it’s off to a good start, thanks to BMW’s new CLAR architecture. That architecture will allow it to have some interesting new powertrains, one of which being in the BMW 325e iPerformance plug-in hybrid we see in these photos.

While a plug-in hybrid powertrain isn’t really new to the 3 Series, being that we currently have the BMW 330e iPerformance on sale, this will be a new hybrid powertrain for the 3er. It’s said that BMW will offer two different hybrids in the G20-gen 3 Series, this 325e and a more powerful 330e, with a longer range. The 330e will continue to use a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and electric motor but this new 325e will gain a smaller setup.

Similar to the MINI Countryman E S Plug-in Hybrid and BMW i8, the BMW 325e iPerformance will come with the brand’s B38 1.5 liter turbocharged I3 engine and an electric motor. Together, they will make around 265 hp, which is more than that of the current-gen BMW 330i.

In terms of the way it looks, there really isn’t much we can make out, as it’s heavily wrapped in camouflage. Though, we can see that the headlights seem more angular than the current car’s and the Kidney Grilles are larger. Also, there seems to be a sweeping body line at the bottom of the front doors that sweeps upward as it moves toward the back. It’s an interesting little character line that should help add some visual drama.

In these photos, we can clearly see that this 3 Series is a hybrid. What gives it away is the visible charge port on the front, driver’s side fender. Also, there are big “Hybrid Test Vehicle” plaques stuck on the body of the car. We’re interested to see this new 325e iPerformance, as it should offer very impressive fuel economy with 330i-beating performance. If it’s priced affordably, this could be a slam-dunk for BMW.

[Source: Phocarmedia | Motor.es]