Just the other week we had the chance to experience the facelifted BMW M3 fitted with M Performance parts on the newest F1 track in the US, Circuit of the Americas. The experience was an eye-opener and, given the proper budget, we wouldn’t have the M3 any other way. I guess that’s how a rich customer from Abu Dhabi must feel as well as his Atlantis Blue BMW M3 is decked with M Performance parts to the brim.

The BMW dealership in the Middle Eastern city published a couple of photos of this absolutely breathtaking Atlantis Blue sedan showcasing all that beautiful carbon fiber in all the right places. Up front there’s an M Performance front splitter, on the sides you’ll find side sills wearing the same badge while round the back the tips of the M Performance exhaust are wrapped in a carbon fiber diffuser. The wing on the boot lid is the cherry on top, somewhat literally.

The wheels of the car also seem to suggest that the model we’re looking at is fitted with the Competition Package, the style-666 wheels being one of the defining traits of the upgraded models. That means the 3-liter engine under the hood is now making 450 HP instead of the standard 431 HP, while torque remained the same. It’s not the power upgrade that makes the Competition Package worth the extra pennies but the changes in the suspension setup. To keep everything in check, the brakes have also been upgraded, with a set of Carbon Ceramic ones as you can tell by the golden brake calipers.

Inside the cabin we’re relieved to see that the trims on the center console and the dash are not also made of carbon fiber but instead a beautiful combination of Alpine White with blue accents that perfectly match the cognac leather and white contrasting stitching.