Just the other day we took a look at how a BMW M2 proved to be faster than the record-breaking Alfa Romeo Giulia QV on the technical circuit of Anglesey in the UK, and today we’re looking at what its bigger brother is capable of. The BMW M3 with the Competition Package is, as many people have said, the real M3, the way the car should’ve been launched in the first place. A few notable upgrades transformed the M car as we knew it into a proper track carver.

On a technical track, the M3 Competition Pack can devour its rivals, thanks to a revised suspension and updated differential. It is on this kind of tracks where the mastery of the engineers shows while, at the same time, the power figure is no longer the only one that separates the winners from the second place. This is where you also need a professional driver behind the wheel, capable of keeping the cars on the perfect racing line.

As for the lap time the M3 posted, at 1:40.16 it is not only faster than the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV (1:41.55), but also than two of its brothers, the BMW M2 (1:40.68) and, surprisingly enough, the BMW M4 GTS (1:40.40). While the BMW M2 was expected to come in behind the M3, when it comes to the more powerful M4 GTS, things are taking a rather unexpected turn. It’s not just the power difference that makes this result confusing (450 HP vs 500 HP) but also the fact that the GTS is supposed to be a track car.

It is rather curious but since the difference is so small, it could come down to human error or just a timing issue. Nevertheless, the M3 showed a great run on the Anglesey circuit, its lap time being impressive no matter how you look at it.