Matt Farrah is currently on a BMW roll. After showing us a beautiful BMW E46 330Ci with a supercharger just yesterday, he’s now back and throwing yet another custom Bimmer at us in the shape of a 560 WHP BMW E30 3 Series. That’s right people, this thing doesn’t play around and considering just how light the chassis of the E30 models was, is bound to be a beast wherever you may take it.

The owner decided that the chassis just wasn’t pushed hard enough on the stock setup and therefore threw in a proper M engine. He chose the S52 3.2-liter straight six from the E36 M3 but then went a step further by adding a massive turbocharger to the mix. The end result is a car that he claims is making some 560 HP at the wheels together with 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. Couple that with the aforementioned lightness of the car and we’re dealing with a deadly mix here.

Luckily, the car was also fitted with bucket seats, a roll cage and a Willwood 6-piston brake kit for the front axle. On top of all that, the E30 was bagged and lowered considerably closer to the ground, offering more control overall. Chip in the manual gearbox and lightweight flywheel and we just can’t understand how the owner of the car still has a driver’s license.

Matt certainly seems to be enjoying his time inside the car and his comments clearly prove just how much of a connoisseur he is when it comes to all sorts of cars, noticing all kinds of upgrades or faults before his passenger points them out. In the end, this 325i proved its worth and we have to congratulate the owner for creating such a beast in the first place!