In most modern music videos, the cars featured are often high-end luxury cars. It’s more Kanye West and Jay Z destroying a Maybach than Frank Ocean and an E30 M3. So when we see cool performance cars, especially hybrid ones, featured in a music video, it brings a certain smile to our faces. Whether you like the video or not, it’s nice to see good cars getting recognized, rather than just having Bentleys in the videos because of the famous badge. In the new Kendrick Lamar video for “Loyalty” featuring Rihanna, we get to see the BMW i8 featured a couple of times.

The first time we see the i8 in the video, Rihanna comes up to the passenger side window of the i8 with Kendrick Lamar on the sidewalk watching. She spits gum into the i8, (which is sorta rude,  the guy just had his car cleaned so he could look fresh for the night. c’mon, Rihanna!) which obviously pisses off the driver. So he gets out and Kendrick Lamar is forced to fight him in probably the most poorly choreographed fight since Rocky V.

Then, the BMW i8 is shown a little bit later, but the i8 we were happy to see before, we aren’t so happy to see again, with Kendrick Lamar doing lazy, yet stunningly effective, donuts. With one hand, while leaning on Rihanna in the passenger seat (hard to blame him for that), and sort of half laughing and not paying attention, Lamar is able to do remarkable donuts. Then they crash into another car and seem rather humored by the fact that they just crashed into someone else’s car. “The people in the other car could be dead but whatever, we’re young and reckless. How fun!”, they said, presumably.

Snark aside, if you like Kendrick Lamar and BMW, this is a cool video for you. You get both in one shot. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Or two passengers in another car with one donut…