The BMW i8 is already three years old but its novelty hasn’t died out just yet as the car has enough tech onboard and a design good enough to keep it looking fresh for years to come. A facelift is in the making along with a Roadster version and, hopefully, the i8 will become even better, but until then, people are still reviewing the original, even comparing it to cars that are not necessarily in its league.

The guys from Autocar had a long term BMW i8 in their fleet and coincidence made it that they also took part in the launch of the new Porsche Panamera at the same time. And wouldn’t you know it, the inevitable comparison between the two arose. Initially, the V8 diesel engine was the one compared to the i8’s microscopical by comparison 1.5-liter 3-cylinder unit and while the fight might not be fair, the BMW wasn’t blown out of the water.

The thing is, the electric motor mounted on the front axle really does work wonders and even when compared to a Porsche 911 by a random owner, the difference isn’t all that big. It exists, of course, but it’s manageable. Furthermore, compared to the cost of ownership of a Porsche, the i8 becomes a bargain. Sure, people are going to say that those who can afford such an expensive car, won’t be concerned by the cost of ownership all that much, but then again, if the difference in feel is so insignificant and the costs are drastically lower, why wouldn’t you go for the hybrid?

There’s more to it though. As an owner told Autocar: “He loves it because he feels good about driving it.” And that’s the key to winning people’s hearts, creating a good feeling behind the wheel. Be that due to speed or saving the trees, making you feel good while driving is what all car makers should be concerned about.

Via: Autocar