In for a long work day? Then the sounds of these cars will brighten up your day. The BMW Z4 GT3 is powered by a a 4.4L S65B44 V8 engine that is able to produce 480 horsepower. Clearly designed and made for the racetrack, the Z4 is a nimble, light and powerful racing version of the highly popular Z4 two-seater model.

The process to turn the street car into the racing-ready BMW Z4 GT3 is quite extensive. The steel chassis of the BMW Z4 GT3 – with a welded safety cell made of high-tensile precision steel tubes is manufactured by BMW Plant Regensburg. The biggest change in the racing version compared to the street legal Z4 happens at the end of the production line with a lot of manual labor involved. Some of the Z4 GT3’s parts are finished and installed by hand.

It takes a total of 700 man hours to completely assemble a BMW Z4 GT3.

The BMW Z4 GT3 is designed to be run by private BMW teams and drivers at events and in championships held in accordance with GT3 regulations in Europe, Asia and North America.

BMW Motorsport is replacing next year the Z4 GT3 with the M6 GT3 and M235i Racing.

Technical specifications BMW Z4 GT3

Length:    4.387 mm
Width:    2.012 mm
Height:    1.210 mm
Wheel base:    2.509 mm
Tank capacity:    115 litres
Engine type:    Eight-cylinder, V-configuration
Capacity:    4,361ccm
Max output:    approx. 535bhp (depending on air restrictor regulations)
Bore x stroke:    92 x 82mm
Max. engine speed:    8750 rpm