Another tear-jerking bit of footage of a mint BMW E46 M3 heading to the salvage yard surfaced on Youtube and it’s as tragic as ever. The footage posted below shows the BMW exiting a corner way too fast compared to the car in front of it, forcing the driver to make some hard moves in order to preserve the integrity of the Porsche strolling around in front of him. The end result includes a probably totaled M3 and a Cayman S that didn’t even bother to stop and check if everyone was alright.

The video was captured during a Touristenfahrten day though and in the Porsche’s defense, we have to say that the rules on such days state that the German driving laws apply as the Nordschleife is considered a public highway. Therefore, the driver of the BMW E46 M3 should’ve taken the precautions needed to make sure he and the people in front of him have enough room to avoid any sort of incident but then again, common sense should’ve prevailed here in the first place.

What I mean is that, even if technically, the Porsche didn’t do anything wrong, maybe don’t go on the Nurburgring if you plan to drive at a snail’s pace. It’s something common sense should tell you not to do, because you’ll end up ruining everyone’s day. And I’m pretty sure the whole year of the M3’s driver might’ve been ruined after this ordeal unraveled. Furthermore, just a quick look at the Bimmer tells us all we need to know about its driver.

The car seems to be modified to a decent extend, featuring a proper wing on the trunk as well as bucket seats and a safety harness inside the cabin. That leads us to think that the man is quite the enthusiast. Unfortunately, his level of skill behind the wheel doesn’t seem to match the specs of his car and that really is a shame. Maybe our Russian friend can help him mend his car as he showed us he’s quite good at bringing back M3s from the dead.

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