We all love the M3 badge. Over the years it has become synonymous with great driving experiences and bragging rights. However, the thing is, as fun as BMW M3 models can be, they can also easily get you in trouble in no time. Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of M cars being thrown into a guard rail or another, and most of the time they never make it back from their sudden encounters. The damages were so extensive that insurance companies completely wrote them off.

But what happens if someone doesn’t want to simply give up on his or her M3? How do they avoid going to M3 heaven? The in the video below can help out in such dire situations. What we have here is an older acquaintance of ours who we first met back in 2016. Back then we showed you how he managed to weld together two halfs of a BMW 7 Series to make a shiny new one. And while back then we were critical of his work as it seemed to be affecting the structural rigidity of the resulting car, this time we’re more lenient.

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That’s because in the case of this E46 M3 the damage wasn’t all that extensive. As a matter of fact, it seems as if the driver simply hit a guardrail with the left side of the car, probably while on track. That led to extensive damage to the front fender, driver’s door and rear quarter panel. However, when they are taken down, you can see that everything underneath seems intact. Therefore, our good man decides to fix what he can and the end result is quite impressive.

Maybe it’s just me but watching this sort of videos usually sends me into some sort of trance. I can’t take my eyes off the video as I love seeing how things are repaired, something today’s society seems to have forgotten how to do. It’s widely considered a lot easier to replace things these days rather than repair them, which is a shame, especially in the case of an E46 M3. As the number of S54 engines on the roads of the world continues to dwindle, I’m actually glad to see this car return to the road.