New BMW X3 to be unveiled June 26th in Spartanburg

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BMW will unveil the new X3 next Monday, June 26th, during a special ceremony at its US plant in Spartanburg. BMWBLOG will be on site …

BMW will unveil the new X3 next Monday, June 26th, during a special ceremony at its US plant in Spartanburg. BMWBLOG will be on site to report, on what we believe it will be, the best looking X car to-date. The G01 X3 will be release exactly at 9:30 AM EST by the BMW CEO Harald Krueger and will be live on

The new BMW X3 will be longer, wider and roomier on the inside, while also being lighter and stiffer. It will also come with new engine options, ranging from the new B48 2.0 liter turbo-four to the B58 3.0 liter turbo inline-six. The latter will power the upcoming X3 M40i variant. As a second M Performance car, the BMW X3 M40d is planned with a 320 bhp biturbo diesel engine. Both models come as standard with a slightly modified M Sport package and a sharper coordination of chassis, steering and all-wheel drive.

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The third-generation BMW X3 is built on the new, rear-wheel drive flexible modular system offering more interior space and a redesigned seating system to ensure higher variability and greater comfort. Thanks to new lightweight construction processes and the use of the new platform, the G01 X3is about 100 kg lighter than the current X3.

Along with a new exterior design and a more premium cabin, high-tech and safety features, and advanced telematics, are poised to make the G01 X3 another big seller for the Bavarians.

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20 responses to “New BMW X3 to be unveiled June 26th in Spartanburg”

  1. Jeremy Snyder says:

    I live only an hour and half away from Spartanburg, SC… any chance this unveiling will be open to the public?? Thanks!!

  2. Johan Mo says:

    I only care about the fully electric version, but assume there will be no word about it on Monday as launch is set to 2019?

  3. Giom says:

    Any chance we might be seeing photos before then?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      No. I saw them but can’t share

      • Giom says:

        On a scale of 0 – 10… meh or wow? My prediction – around 6.5.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          I would say an 8-9. I like it a lot, especially inside and especially the X4 M40i.

          • JRobUSC says:

            The X4 M40 or the X3 M40?

          • Icebreakerr says:

            horatiu you have seen the new x4? can you tell me how it compares to a GLC its competitor. from spy shots the rear of the X4 looks sexy in M sport. can you say anything about the x4 interior? the only thing I didnt like on the current x4 was the interior it felt out of place from all the current bmws is it similar to an x5 x6 interior or even better?

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Not yet, too soon. But I expect the same interior as X3 and similar front end

          • Central Lifestyle says:

            Got high expectations for the upcoming X4 just as you Icebreakerr. We got hard done by Bimmer in the UK as they refused to give us the X4 M40i so I’ve been having to make do with the X4 M-sport 35d which isn’t anywhere up to par compared to my GLC Coupe AMG43 (which has shorter gear ratios from 1-3 and that’s a big deal to me). Not certain they’ll get the X4 interior to the upper Executive option level in X5/X6 but it would be superb if they did as people like us don’t buy the X4 because it’s cheaper but because of its ideal size for an SUV and that it still drives and handles like a car (like a sportscar even) and wouldn’t mind speccing up the options to meet or surpass what’s available in X5/X6.

          • Icebreakerr says:

            yes I know i hate that they dont do a petrol hopefully for next gen the petrol models will come i know the X4M will deffo be sold in UK. just saw interior of the X3 its very nice has ambient lighting digital dash etc X4 will probs have same interior


        • Giom says:

          That’s what I wanted to hear! Now I’m excited!

      • Central Lifestyle says:

        Horatiu, come on man. Share some of the photos. Alright, share just one photo. Let’s see just one photo of the interior (dashboard/console)

  4. Senne says:

    There are leaked pictures of the X3 M40i on the web! It is absolutely STUNNING!! 9/10 for overall design both inside and out. The kidneys are huge, but really nice. The sideline is very special with lines flowing into each other, a bit like the G30, but different. The rear is also very pretty, with a new approach to the L-shaped lights. But the gem is really the interior, which is simply GORGEOUS!! It looks so much better than the previous gen X3 and X4. I’m 100% positive that this car will be a succes, a lot of people who would have considered a Merc GLC now (which is a good looking car), will definitely look back to the X3. Very excited for the official release! :D

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