2017 BMW X3 – Renderings

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With the refresh of the new 2016 BMW X1, the attention moves towards the design update of the next X model: the third generation X3.

The third-generation BMW X3 is due out in 2017 and it’s under the codename G01 and on the new rear-wheel drive platform. The new, flexible modular system offers more interior space and a redesigned seating system also ensures higher variability and greater comfort. Sources say the G01 X3 is about 100 kg lighter than the F25 X3.

The 2017 X3 will follow the design lines of the F15 BMW X5 and F16 BMW X6, with the headlights transition into the kidney grille, a more upright “nose” and round squared shapes that give the car a muscular look. The G01 X3 sports a more aggressive body with a slightly lower roofline. The front design was adjusted due to the new pedestrian safety regulations and now sits a little straighter than before.

In the back, the typical L-shaped taillights will carry over from the current generation. The new 2017 BMW X3 retains the one-piece tailgate. Additional to the soft automated opening of the tailgate, the new X3 will also include gestured controlled closing of the same tailgate.

For the first time, BMW will offer an extended wheelbase for the X3, likely catering to markets like China.

Under the hood, the new X3 will use a combination of four and six-cylinder engines, both petrol and diesel.

A 360-hp BMW X3 M40i courtesy of the M Performance division is rumored to arrive as well. The rumormill churns out that a 422-hp BMW X3 M is planned as well powered by a variant of the twin-turbo inline-6 found in the latest BMW M3/M4.

A plug-in hybrid, as the one seen in the BMW X5, will be offered as well, producing 240 hp and 95 hp from the electric motor.

The renderings attached to this article use the new X1 as a starting point and builds up progressively into a computer generated image of the X3. Will the X3 turn out this way? It remains to be seen, but we’ve head the G01 X3 has been in the hands of a very talented designer.

13 responses to “2017 BMW X3 – Renderings”

  1. mckillio says:

    I know it’s asking a lot but BMW needs some consistency in its code names. The F series 7 was F01, the G is G11, the F series X3 is F25 and the G is G01. This drives me crazy.

    P.s. The rendering looks good, the hood seems a little high though.

  2. joseph_rma says:

    I think it’s going to look different. CEO i think sayed that in the future they are gonna have a little different approach in terms of design, to differentiate cars in the BMW lineup
    And btw, am I the only one to like more prefacelifted version of the current generation X3?

  3. Kagan Oztrak says:

    yes yes yes, take the new x5 and x1 as example.

  4. Andrewthecarguy says:

    If it looks like this it will cannibalize X5 sales.

  5. Immanuel John says:

    Seriously what is up with the design language, consistently disappointing designs

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