Having departed from the safe and friendly ads we’ve been getting used to lately, the new direction in which the BMW M division seems to be heading sure looks a lot better. The ads they’ve been putting out lately are just brilliant and we couldn’t love them more.

First, they said there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to the most powerful letter in the world and we agreed with them in a heartbeat. Then they said some people might think their cars are ‘too low’ but it doesn’t matter and, once again, we wholeheartedly said ‘absolutely’ and ‘damn those speed bumps to hell’. Now they seem to have read our minds once again.

Every gearhead out there loves his cars and every gearhead might actually get in quite a furious argument with you if you don’t show his or her ‘beloved’ the respect it deserves. The main character in the latest BMW M ad goes through a similar scenario and the thoughts running through her head when she sees her friend trying to get those abominable ice creams into the car.

I mean, just look at that pristine Oyster White Nappa Leather! How could anyone think that eating is acceptable in a car with such a beautiful upholstery? Even if you promise to buy me a new car in case a single drop falls on the seat, I still wouldn’t let you eat in my car.

They say a man’s home is his castle but in our case, it’s more likely that the house is our significant other’s castle while ours has four wheels and an M badge on the trunk lid.