The BMW i3 might not be to everyone’s taste as it comes with a rather unconventional design. However, leaving its looks out of the equation, it’s hard not to recognize the technology advancements it brings to the table. To showcase exactly what makes this car so special, BMW decided to create an ad that highlights its most important features.

Therefore, having the i3 drive around in a library becomes the obvious choice, right? Think about it: what do you have to do when you’re inside a library? Keep quiet? Be careful going round a corner? Minding the people around you? How about restraining from releasing any toxic fumes? The i3 can deliver all of those and then some.

In our opinion, the ad was put together to highlight the fact that the i3 is eerily quiet as are most electric vehicles. As a matter of fact, the tires make more noise than the motor, especially when running across a waxed wooden floor as we usually get to see inside a library. It’s the same story when discussing any other EV though and that’s probably why the NHTSA decided that all electric vehicles sold in the US starting with 2019 will have to be fitted with an artificial sound device that alerts pedestrians about their presence. Luckily, the i3 already comes with such a feature.

Furthermore, the car was built from the ground up to be as capable inside heavy city traffic as possible and its steering and turn radius showcase that in full. It’s also another reason why a library was chosen as its playing ground in the ad, as it does feature tight corridors and narrow hallways. Of course, the footage was done using CGI and that’s definitely easy to spot, but it looks decent nonetheless and gets the point across.