This year, enthusiasts in love with the BMW 4 Series range and, in turn, with the M4 got some pretty big news. The entire line-up received a mild facelift, announced in the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately, as enticing as the cars looked, the revised models are yet to start being delivered in some parts of the world. For UK customers that wait has ended as the LCI cars are now available at dealers.

Since its launch back in June 2013, the 4 Series Coupe has been a success for the Bavarian brand. Replacing the popular 3 Series Coupe was a risky move by BMW, but it’s already paying dividends. With almost 400,000 units sold so far around the world, the 4 Series range can hardly be called anything else but a success.

The facelift brought both technical and visual changes to the table. Up front you’ll notice the new headlights while round the back the taillights have a new design as well. LED lights are now standard on a car that definitely deserved them considering its price tag. Speaking of which, if you want to be part of the 4 Series family, prices in the UK now start at £32,580. That adds up to £735 extra compared to the pre-facelift model but it’s well worth it considering the extra gear you’re getting as standard.

Compared to the competition, the BMW is priced higher than rivaling Audi A5 models and the C-Class Coupe. Surprisingly, the 2-door coupe and the 4-door Gran Coupe models have the same starting prices while the Convertible 4 Series kicks things off at £37,630. Interested in a facelifted BMW M4? The Coupe starts at £57,817 while the drop top alternative will require even more at £61,910. For the much acclaimed Competition Package versions you’ll have to put out £60,815 and £64,110 respectively.