If you’ve ever gotten chills watching movies such as The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean or Inception, you probably have Hans Zimmer to thank. Few people know who actually writes and puts together the scores for their favorite movies and yet they feel the amazing effect of the soundtrack on their skin. Hans decided to join forces with BMW i this year, for his debut at the famous Coachella music festival.

I don’t really need to explain what Coachella is because for the last couple of years, this venue has been the place where incredible performances have taken place. From a hologram of none other than 2Pac to this year’s orchestra performance from Hans Zimmer’s crew, the SoCal event draws the attention of the entire globe to the small city of Indio, California.

This year marked, as I said, a premiere for the famous German composer. He’s been touring for a while with his orchestra, performing his amazing scores in front of live audiences and always ending with a standing ovation. However, this was his first music festival and I’m fairly confident this was also one of the first – if not the first time – an orchestra performed at Coachella.

To make things even more interesting, most of the artists that went on stage in Indio were chauffeured by a special BMW i fleet with a unique livery. Made up of BMW i3 and i8 models, I’m guessing there was little to complain about coming from the performers. However, Hans was the only one that also put together a short video, talking about what it means to perform at the famous venue.

Since he is the man who created such soundtracks as the one for the Lion King among other, Oscar-winning films, it was only natural that the music you hear in the background of the 3-minute clip below came from his creative mind as well. Enjoy!