What’s better than the sound of massive, exotic and high-strung engines all revving together at once? Maybe hearing a real-life Stradivarius, your first child’s first laugh or Margot Robbie giggling at one of your jokes. Okay, maybe that last one’s just me, but you get the point. Hearing a flock of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens firing up must be one of the greatest things in the world. It’s also not bad to look at. Which is why Heaven on Earth could be this massive gathering of supercars at the Bruntingthorpe proving grounds.

Recently put on by Supercar Driver, which is an exclusive car meet for extremely wealthy supercar owners, the Bruntingthorpe proving grounds housed $62 million worth of exotic metal. Our good pals at Michelin were also there to launch their new PS4 S Summer Tire.

Name a supercar and it was there. Ferrari F40? Check. Porsche Carrera GT? Duh. The brand-spanking-new Bugatti Chiron? Of course. There were even some obscure supercars, like the Jaguar XJ220 and Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M. If I get to choose what my slice of heaven is like, it very well might be this place.

While there weren’t a lot of BMWs in attendance, mainly because BMW doesn’t really make any supercars, I did spot a BMW i8. While the i8 isn’t a traditional supercar, it’s about as exotic as it gets. It’s incredibly rare, above six-figures in price and looks like something from another planet. If aliens came down Arrival style and showed up in ships that looked like the i8, it wouldn’t seem out of place at all. So, despite not being anywhere near as fast, the i8’s looks hold up well among the other supercars. There’s also likely to be some McLaren F1’s in attendance and we all know what sort of BMW engine powers that car.

[Source & Photos: Dupont Registry]