Michelin held a press conference at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show to introduce the Michelin PS4S to the North American Market. The PS4S is an ultra-high performance tire which succeeds their very successful Pilot Super Sport. Though the Michelin Pilot Super Sport was still winning almost every comparison, Michelin didn’t rest on their laurels and pushes the performance envelope further with the new PS4S without any change in wear rating.


In terms of performance, think of the a position between the Pilot Sport Cup 2 and the Pilot Super Sport. Born from endurance racing, Michelin states that the PS4S has better lap times, as well as improved wet and dry braking distances. The PS4S has a Y speed rating, and a treadwear rating of 300.


Michelin tells us that the PS4S will be available for consumers beginning in March. The plan on rolling out the 19-21 inch sizes initially then gradually spread to other common sizes for sports cars. 30,000 mile warranty is the same as the Pilot Super Sport. If the car has staggered tire sizes the warranty is half just as it was on the Pilot Super Sport.


The Pilot Sport 4S should be a popular replacement tire for the BMW M3, M4, Audi R8, Mercedes CLK, Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type and the Ferrari 488. Price depends on size of tire but should be close to the current Pilot Super Sport.