On 27th of March, a ceremony was held during which the President and CEO of BMW Italia, Sergio Solero, handed over the keys of the new electric BMW i3 service car to the German Ambassador, Susanne Wasum-Rainer.

“For me it is important to know that when I travel by car I am not polluting the environment,” said Wasum-Rainer, a cycling enthusiast. “Not only do the exhaust gases disappear, but also the noise. The first time that I tested it, I had a very pleasant sensation of peace.”

The President of BMW added that “BMW is the precursor in the development of the concept of future mobility with the BMW i electric cars. We are particularly proud as we deliver this BMW i3 to the German Embassy and we thank the Ambassador for her great sensitivity to environmental questions and for the choice she has made. Today we are taking another step forward towards sustainable mobility. In Italy there is still much to be done and we are intensifying the dialogue with the institutions, because this is a marathon that we must all run together.”