BMW drivers typically get a bad rep, as they are known for not using their turn signal, driving aggressively and ultimately driving like jerks (a harsher word is usually used but this is a classy site). These topics are discussed while driving the BMW E92 335i by Regular Car Reviews.

In this video, we take a look at the E92 335i, its N54 engine and some of its oddities, as well as some of the things that make it great. For starters, the press release of the car back in the day seemed to have been trying to convince people of how BMW-like the E92 was, which BMW could have done by just letting people drive it. Mr. Regular really rips the 335i’s press release for being repetitive and redundant with its superlatives. However, to be fair, almost all press releases are like this, as they’re job is to try and talk new products up. So it’s a bit of an empty criticism.

Mr. Regular also talks about the wonky turn signals, the strange throttle pedal and the difficulty in working on the engine. The turn signals are weird from this era of BMW, as they return back to center and have no detents through their travel, which makes them weird to use and could be the reason why many BMW drivers don’t use their turn signal. I must add, though, that the new G30-gen 5 Series has gotten rid of these turn signals and has gone back to the regular old-school style of turn signal and I’m so grateful for it.

The pedal travel is also weird, though, as the first half of the pedal seems to have no response. Though, the specific car Mr. Regular drove had an engine tune and the throttle pedal is electronic so the tune could have something to do with that. If any E92 335i owners could comment on this, that’d be great.

He does say that it’s very fast, nice to dive and very comfortable, though. He compares this xDrive model to the Subaru WRX STI, which has a bit of a bad reputation for being a car that young teenagers with “illest” stickers on their backward hats drive. He says that the E92 335i xDrive is not only faster than the Subaru but is far better to drive, still capable in snow and dirt, looks way better and has a much better brand image to it.

The E92 335i does have its faults and isn’t a perfect car.Overall, though, it seems like the E92 335i is a great car to own, as it provides a ton of speed, great tuning ability and a great driving car for a good price.