A few weeks back, we had the opportunity to drive the brand-new G30-generation BMW 5 Series for a week. The specific car we drove was a 2017 BMW 530i M Sport sDrive and it proved to be a superb all-around car. To give you a closer look, we now provide you with this video review of it.

At first glance, it may look like BMW phoned this one in, in terms of design. Without taking a good look, it doesn’t look that much different from the car it replaces. However, look closer and you’ll notice that this car is far more muscular than the outgoing one.

Inside, though, the two cars are night and day. The interior of the new G30 5 Series looks and feels best-in-class. Especially with the Mocha Brown Multi-Contour Nappa Leather seats equipped on our test car. The seats are nothing short of fabulous, with the perfect balance of comfort and stability. This level of quality is mirrored throughout the cabin, where every material you can touch, and even those out of reach, feel of extremely high quality. This feels like a much more expensive interior that the 5 Series’ price would suggest.

BMW developed the 5 Series to be the Ultimate Driving Machine as well as a great luxury car. And this was really where the new 5 Series needed to improve the most, as the previous generation car’s biggest complaint is that it lacked the sort of driving dynamics typically associated with the Bavarian brand. While comfortable, smooth and luxurious and customers loved it, enthusiasts were less than excited about the way the previous F10-generation 5er drove. So this new G30-generation needed to be a big upgrade.

Thankfully, BMW delivered, as this is the best driving 5 Series since the E39-generation. That may sound a bit like hyperbole but it isn’t. Not since the E39 has the 5er been so nice to drive.