To compete with the exceedingly good seven-seat SUVs on the market at the moment, BMW is jumping into the same waters with its X7 SUV. Positioned above the X5, obviously, and right alongside competitors such as the Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and Audi Q7, the BMW X7 will be the largest and most luxurious BMW SUV to date.

Packing three full rows, the BMW X7 will also be the brand’s first true seven-seater. It will also have comparable luxury to the Range Rover and will even have trim levels that challenge the ‘Rover’s Autobiography line. So not only will it be the largest vehicle ever made by BMW but it should also be the most luxurious.

The big brute was caught testing in sunny South Africa and some details are starting to emerge. We can tell that it will be sharing a lot of its styling with its smaller sibling, the X5. However, it’s noticeably longer and has more of a rear greenhouse than the X5. We can also spot rectangular exhaust tips, which seem quite wide and could signal a more powerful engine in this particular car.

Other than that, this BMW X7 just looks big. It looks as massive as the big-daddy Range Rover and that’s something that BMW honestly needs. While the brand is at its best when making small sports cars, it needs something this large to compete in the increasingly competitive segment that is seven-seat premium SUVs. Also, these are highly-profitable vehicles, which should bring some added cash flow to BMW so it can invest in more electric and performance technologies.

[Source: Bimmertoday]